Zeal Tab



An innovative product powered by nano technology with highest percentage of Ortho Silicic Acid which works very effectively on building disease resistance power.

These tabs supply essential silica in the form of ortho silicic acid, readily available for the plant.

Zeal tab is water soluble ortho silicic acid which is easily obsorbed by the plant.

Zeal Tab imparts resistance to diseases and insect.

Zeal Tab maintains soil pH balance.

Zeal tab prevents lodging by strengthening the plant.

Zeal Tab interact positively with applied major and trace element improving their gronomic performance and efficiency

Zeal tab enhance the plants ability to resist or tolerate biotic such as attack of insect pests and fungal attacks.

Zeal tab can help alleviate abiotic stresses due to acidity, salinity and toxicities.

Zeal tab can help reduce water loss and transpiration.


for paddy- 1 kg / acre applied through broadcasting. In all other crops zeal tab 200 gm/200 liters of water in foliar application. Repeat the application for 3 to 5 times based on crop duration.


Broadcast, Spray, Drip , Drenching.