Soil Live



Mycorrhiza can be an alternative to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

10gm of Soil live is equivalent to 10 kg traditional soil based product.

Contains 1 -1.2 million propagules / 10gm. =Concentrated gel formulation - helps in ease of field application, logistics and packaging.

Can be applied in drip irrigation and also be used in formulation.

It has the shelf life of 3 years.


10gm / acre

SOIL LIVE- GEL for formulating Vam granules Dilute 10gm of Soil Live gel in sufficient water required for coating on granules to be used on one acre.

It can be used in four ways for field application

Seedling dip in SOIL LIVE solution during transplanting.

Sprayed onto seed beds before sowing. =Blended into potting soil.

Watered in via existing irrigation system.