Gluconates Techonology


What is Gluconates

Innovative biotechnology.

Patented microbial fermentation technology.

IIIM (Indian Institute of Integrative Medicines and CSIR.

Produced by aerobic fermentation in presence of GRAS microbes under specific physiochemical conditions.

Cost effective indigenous technology.

Environment friendly both process and products.

Also major importance in pharmaceuticals and industrial applications.

Why Gluconates

Highly effective carriers of nutrients in adverse conditions like

bad water quality –high EC and pH

Unfavourable pH and EC of soil- very high or low.

lower organic C and Humus content of soil-low CEC.

Soil structure-very compact or very sandy loam.

Weather conditions- high or low temperatures, overcast sky conditions.

Low bacterial count of soil.

Key Features

Natural nutrient chelates

100% water soluble

Stable over wide pH range

Compatible with most common agrochemicals (in-house validated)

Biodegradable & Organic- No chemical residue (NOCA certified)


Benefits of Gluconates

Highly nutrient use efficient

Quick & complete assimilation by plants

Suitable for foliar and drip applications

Beneficial for variety of soils and crops

“Organic” alternative to chemical fertilizers

Economical and affordable