Chemical vs Organic Traditional Fertilizers

1 It creates residual effect on soil texture/structure and soil biology It improves organic Carbon percentage in Soil
2 It creates toxicity for the soil It improves Rhizosphere and over all soil health
3 It deteriorates Microbial population in the soil It improves soil microflora and generates useful Microorganisms in the soil and increase its population
4 Instant performance and lose its effect within a short time of 3-4 days Instant performance but long term effect upto 18-20 days
5 It decreases nutrient value of the soil. Chemical nutrients on application in soil are only 15-20% absorbed by the plants and rest will undergo the process of soil fixation. The Nitrogen fertilizers quickly evaporates into the atmosphere and may not available for the crops for longer period It improves Nutrient value of the soil and there will be no fixation or leaching problems and this improves soil health. There will not be soil fixation problem and the organic nutrients are 100% Bio available and 100% biodegradable with no soil fixation process
6 It decreases nutrient value of farm produce and leaves chemical residues on farm produce It substantially improves nutrient value and quality of farm produce and there will be no residual effect on farm produce
7 Shelf life of Cereal and horticultural farm produce is minimal Shelf life of all agricultural and horticultural produce improves substantially
8 The crops are vulnerable for insect/pest attack on usage of chemical fertilizers It reduces insect/pest attack on crops due to its long lasting nutrient value on soil and farm produce
9 There is no guarantee of improving color, flavor, aroma and uniform shape of farm produce It substantially improves color, flavor, aroma and provides uniform shape for the produce
10 Leaves chemical residues on end produce, which may cause diseases in end users Totally safe and eco-friendly for farmers, soil and crop and end produce and most importantly environment. Therefore healthy for end users
11 The end product does not have more quality because it is quickly perishable and hence fetches no advantage in pricing The end produce appears distinct and has special qualities and fetches high remunerative prices than the produce cultivated with chemical fertilizers.